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AP Employees, Our Most Important Attribute

AP Exhaust Technologies, Inc. is a leader in exhaust and emission control and our employees provide our competitive edge in the marketplace.  Our employees are our most vital element for success.

AP Exhaust Technologies promotes a culture of safety, teamwork and quality in its day-to-day operations.  We offer a clean and safe work environment, challenging assignments, personal growth opportunities, career development and open communication while being conscious of individual family and community priorities.

More reasons to work at AP Technologies:

  • privately held company
  • team oriented environment
  • fast to react to employee needs
  • clean and safe work environment

Our employees talk about their jobs and what they like about working at AP Technologies~

IMG_8039“I really like AP.  We have a good working environment and all the people get along well … It’s a good place to work.  I enjoy the work I do and it’s a blessing to have a job.”
Terry McNair, Material Handler/Forklift Driver



IMG_8042“I like the employees and everybody gets along well.  I really like the hours, the benefits are great and I especially like having a paid birthday off.  1st job I ever had that had this benefit … Worked in bending first and really liked it, now in welding and it’s a great job!”
Robert Darden, Tech Center 

IMG_8067“I really enjoy the people I work with, and we work well together and get along.  Upper management is always willing to listen to any suggestion and it makes me feel valued. My work is always challenging with different problems to solve every day.  (I) Love the people! I guess that’s why I’ve been here 38 years.”
Susie Sasser, Scheduler



The company has good benefits, and is clean and safe.  I love my job because I enjoy welding. I’ve been doing this type of work for 18 years.  I like the people I work with, especially my Supervisor.  He is very good; he listens and understands my ideas.
Lidio Tamayo, Production Welder